Lou Page visit
Transfer students from Bryant Zhuhai, along with staff from the U.S.-China Institute, spent a weekend with Bryant Trustee Louis Page '89, P '17 and his friends at their cabin in New Hampshire.
Bryant Trustee provides unforgettable winter experience for students
Aug 31, 2018, by Staff Writer

Louis Page ’89, P’17, founder and president of Window to Wall Street Inc., and his friends opened their home in New Hampshire to a group of transfer students from Bryant Zhuhai in January. The unique program provided a winter experience for the students who primarily live in the warm climates of southern China.

Several students reflected on the trip:

“As a child who never experienced a snow trip, this New Hampshire trip was definitely a brand new experience for me. I will always remember the fish we caught and driving the ATVs and snowmobiles. The night sky of New Hampshire was full of shining stars while we bonded playing different card games. This trip brought all of us closer and closer.”  – Ying Wang ’20

“At night, some students and Mr. Page’s family cooked the fish that we caught during the day. After dinner, everyone sat around the fire and listened to Mr. Page sharing his business experiences. He emphasized to us his personal view of struggle. I’m impressed that he says he is always at the edge of the comfort zone and that he always lets himself feel some pressure. As an international student, it made me realize the importance of getting out of my comfort zone.” – Jiemin Feng ’20

“As a student from the southern part of China where snow is a luxury for all young kids, this was an incredible gift from the Pages. I could feel the breadth of wildness in the woods and I walked on a seemingly endless ice lake.” – Weili Lin ’20

“This was my best winter experience ever. It revitalized my feelings toward winter. It is not just cold; it is filled with joy and cheer. This trip will remain a life-long memory vivid in my mind forever.” – Yuelan Zhai ’20

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