Bryant alumna Diane Marolla '87 superimposed over a health care teaching scene
Diane Marolla ’87 wants to help ensure that Bryant's students are well prepared to become the next generation of leaders in the health care industry.
Creating a legacy at a University that gave her so much
May 07, 2020, by Staff Writer

More than 30 years working in various capacities in health care has given Diane Marolla ’87 a unique insider’s perspective, and she knows what needs to be done going forward in this rapidly changing, complicated field.

“In all of the roles that I have served in over my professional career, I’ve always advocated for quality, affordable health care. But I really look to the future and to the individuals who will recognize where policies need improvement and force that change.”

“Giving back to a cause I believe in is important. Bryant not only prepares students well for a career in business, but also instills ethics. Students develop the ability to look at all sides of a problem objectively and create metric-based and human-oriented solutions. That’s something I can believe in. Bryant invests in their students, and I wanted to as well.”

Those individuals, she believes, can rise from Bryant’s developing new programs that will prepare students for leadership in health care. These proposed programs, along with the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies – and her own successful career that she credits Bryant with helping to establish – are why Marolla pledged the full value of her estate to the University. Bryant will establish an endowed scholarship in her name that will benefit students who want to study or work in health care, health care management, or health care policy.  

As the third in her immediate family to attend Bryant – her father and her uncle, both World War II veterans also attended – she is a legacy. With this gift to Expanding the World of Opportunity: The Campaign for Bryant’s Bold Future, Marolla creates her own legacy at the University that she says “gave her so much.”

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