Prof. McKay-Nesbitt at opening of Honors Program session
"It takes grit to continue through this rigorous program," says Associate Professor of Marketing Jane McKay-Nesbitt, Ph.D., director of the Honors Program since August 2017.

Honors Program builds on stellar academic foundations and strong faculty mentoring
Jul 13, 2018, by Staff Writer

Students accepted into the University’s rigorous, competitive and demanding Honors Program benefit from participating in seven Honors courses, a mandatory community service initiative and a senior Honors Capstone project – a research topic that deeply interests them.

As part of the capstone, students develop very strong relationships working one on one with a faculty member who serves as a mentor and professional reference, says Associate Professor of Marketing Jane McKay-Nesbitt, Ph.D., director of the Honors Program since August 2017. "Those relationships benefit students immediately and in the long term; they endure long after students graduate.”

"It takes grit to continue through this rigorous program."

Based on their superior academic achievement in high school or a college from which they transferred to Bryant, the most academically gifted students are invited into the Honors Program. The program currently has about 460 students – 11 percent of Bryant’s undergraduates. Studying alongside other highly motivated and high-achieving peers in the seven Honors courses further enriches the academic experience, says McKay-Nesbitt. "It takes grit to continue through this rigorous program."

While every Honors capstone project is published on the Digital Commons network, some, jointly written by the student and his or her professor, are published in recognized, peer-reviewed academic journals. This year's 36 Honors capstone topics addressed an array of provocative research topics tackling such issues as evaluating insurance for aviation-related terrorism, communications related to athletes’ concussions, political polarization in the United States, and predicting municipal crime rates.

The Honors Program maintains its own website here.

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