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People are talking about Innovation at Bryant
Jul 24, 2018, by Staff Writer

These are exciting times at Bryant University. People around the world have taken notice of Bryant's dramatic transformation over the past 21 years, particularly the last five years of growth and innovation. See what people are saying about Bryant innovation, the Academic Innovation Center (AIC), and inspiring the future generations to excel. 

"Let's face it, my generation is going to leave you plenty of work to do. That's why I like Bryant's culture of innovation. I love your focus on the design thinking, moving beyond the classroom into experiential learning."

– Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO, GE

"Bryant is a school with a rising reputation…turning heads in college rankings."

– Money's 2016-2017 Best Colleges rankings

"Bryant University's idea is very special: that every grad of the College of Business also has a minor in liberal arts, and that every grad of the College of Arts and Sciences also has a minor in business administration. This is truly path breaking, and just what's needed in today's society." 

– Jeffrey Sachs, Ph.D., director of The Earth Institute, Columbia University, Commencement May 2012

"[The Academic Innovation Center] is more than a building. It's what happens inside that transforms people's lives."

– William J. Conaty '67, Chair of Bryant's Board of Trustees, Senior Vice President (Retired), Corporate Human Resources GE

"Bryant today is a change agent in the educational realm that is unique. Unique in the preparatory sense. Unique in the cultural sense. We've gained a following for that uniqueness that has become international in scope."

– Michael E. Fisher '67, Chairman Emeritus, Bryant Board of Trustees, Managing Director and CEO (Retired), a Division of Barclay's Global Investors

"If I had to choose one word to describe Bryant of today, that word is 'phenomenal.' Ron Machtley is visionary. He is a person who can see with crystal clarity how Bryant should position itself for the future."

– Thomas A. Taylor '63, Chairman Emeritus of Bryant's Board of Trustees, President and CEO (Retired) of Amica Mutual Insurance Company. 

"Bryant is a leader in a world that is changing moment by moment. The real proof of [the Academic Innovation Center] will come years from now when young men and women who have an opportunity to study here will literally change the face of the world again and again."

– Honorable Jack Reed, United States Senator

"The Academic Innovation Center represents the very best of Bryant University and our community's dedication to meeting the challenges of the 21st century…ensuring students and educators are well equipped with the tools they need to be leaders in this economy."

– Honorable David Cicilline, United States Congressman

"The hottest fastest growing economies in America today…are the ones that invested in innovation, job training, and skills…Bryant is a globally recognized university, and this building (the AIC) in particular has been recognized as one of the most innovative buildings in the world."

– Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo

"The very nature of this endeavor (the Academic Innovation Center) is about the future. And, what I found particularly exciting was the desire to innovate and do something entirely new, to be at the forefront of creating an environment that will encourage innovation, that will encourage new ways of learning."

– Kip Ellis, Lead AIC Architect, EYP Architecture & Engineering

"I think the Bryant students are standouts — in their focus, in their sense of what they can do, and in the sort of work they can do. They seem to be thinking about how they can make their lives most useful to the world at large. There's something about the Bryant culture that encourages the expression of that."

– Harriet Rubin, Author, Woodrow Wilson Fellow

"I've taken IBM-sponsored classes on innovative ways of problem solving. It's really forward-thinking for Bryant to be infusing [design thinking] into the curriculum for freshmen."

– Andrew Corrado '87, Senior Vice President, Group Director, Signature Bank, Melville, NY

"Companies including General Dynamics Corp. and Target Corp. pluck Bryant students for interviews and internships."

– Wall Street Journal Article, "Hot New M.B.A.: Supply-Chain Management"

"Bryant University has shaped my skills as a leader, a learner, and a thinker. Innovation is highlighted in all aspects of campus life, which makes Bryant students so willing to take on new challenges. We have a community here that enhances all students' skills, and for that I will always be grateful for."

– Gabrielle Rinaldi '17, Incoming Assurance Associate, RSM US LLP

"What impresses me most about Bryant today is the continuous innovation, the addition of new programs that really mirror what's going on in the real world, the way we are constantly pushing the barriers of what traditional business schools are offering, as well the complementary curriculum of both liberal arts and business."

Alicia Kennedy '12, Strategic Sourcing Senior Specialist, Cigna 

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