Bryant Finance Professor Asli Ascioglu at the Bloomberg Terminals
The addition of a dozen Bloomberg terminals opens the door to add fixed income sequence to finance program.
Bloomberg terminals allow curriculum expansion
May 25, 2018

Bryant University students now have benefit of a dozen Bloomberg terminals, the same tool used by professionals in the financial marketplace. The recently installed Bloomberg terminals provide access to an advanced computer system with integrated financial software, which allows users to access real-time financial data and news on markets, economies, and businesses around the world.

The University has installed the Bloomberg terminals in the George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology, distributed through the first and second floors for ready access by students. There is a dedicated station in the C.V. Starr Financial Markets Center, the University's simulated trading floor, as well as a mobile station available for use by faculty.

Broad applications

Bloomberg terminals are the industry standard for fixed income investment research, analysis, and management. Their capabilities also have broad applicability across the curriculum at Bryant including in areas such as finance, accounting, supply chain analysis, and economics.  

"These are cutting edge tools that students need to succeed," says Dean of the College of Business Madan Annavarjula, Ph.D. "They are the gold standard in the financial industry."

"We can integrate these Bloomberg terminals right into our curriculum," says Professor of Finance and Sarkisian Chair in Financial Services Peter Nigro, Ph.D. "The students get to actually act as financial managers."

Bloomberg terminal capabilities cross the curriculum at Bryant including in areas such as finance, accounting, supply chain analysis, and economics.  

Fixed income sequence added

Professor Nigro is working with Bryant's recently appointed visiting professor Kevin Maloney, Ph.D., and finance Professor Asli Ascioglu, who leads the student-managed Archway Investment Fund (AIF), to initiate a new fixed income offering within Bryant's successful student-run Archway Investment Fund. Maloney is an accomplished scholar and finance industry executive with more than 35 years of teaching and corporate leadership experience.

Expanding the AIF by establishing a fixed income sequence will complement the successful equities portfolio. Fixed income assets include government bonds, corporate bonds, mortgages, asset-backed securities, closed-end funds, and exchange traded funds.

"Fixed income investments are a huge part of the global financial markets, larger than the equity market, in fact," said Professor Nigro. "Some of our most successful finance alumni are in the fixed income market. It's a skill set that will enhance student marketability and job placement."

Increased access to research

The terminals can also facilitate trade placements and act as a messaging platform for other users on Bloomberg terminals. The vast content, trending news filters, research and analysis tools, and software integration are just some of the many key features available to students.

"We are going to be able to access a lot more fixed-income research," says Anthony Salzillo '18, a finance major. "The Archway Investment Fund is also going to be able to put its Fidelity account on Bloomberg. We are going to be able to trade on Bloomberg, which is pretty cool."

All Bryant students will have the opportunity to access the terminals after completing a self-paced e-learning course that provides a visual introduction to the financial markets. Students will receive a Bloomberg Market Concepts Certificate.

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