President Ronald K. Machtley standing outside on campus
Bryant University President Ronald K. Machtley
A statement from Bryant University President Ronald K. Machtley
Feb 22, 2019

At Bryant University we must always ensure that everyone in our community enjoys the free flow of ideas, speech and communication - which has been the cornerstone of higher education since its earliest days.  It is certainly equally important that we provide a learning environment where every person, faculty, staff and student is encouraged and supported to share their thoughts, concerns and complaints.

The entire university community must have confidence in the administration when situations occur like they did on February 3rd and I recognize we could have done better.

To the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Bryant University, I can promise you we will do better. On behalf of Bryant University, I publicly apologize to our students, Quinton Law ’19, and anyone in our community who feels they have not been encouraged and supported in the expression of their views and thoughts.

Today I am announcing a few measures to restore community confidence in our handling of these matters:

  • I have personally reached out to Mr. Law and invited him to my office to better understand what he experienced. I want to hear his story and I want to assure him he has the support of this administration to express his views.
  • I have asked our Vice President for Human Resources Tim Paige; Eileen Kwesiga, professor of management, Ph.D.; and outside legal counsel Joseph Whelan to review the facts of this matter, our process and procedures to help us improve going forward.
  • I have ordered a review of our social media policies to ensure they are up to date and protect the principles of free speech while balancing the needs of the safety of our community. It is not the university’s policy to attempt to suppress information regarding acts of racism and it never will be.

It is our goal to share any and all recommendations with the community in a timely manner. We have been fortunate at Bryant to have a vibrant and diverse community that has not experienced many events like this in the past. This moment does not reflect our common community values, yet presents all of us an opportunity to look inward and learn.

We must all prize and protect the right of freedom of expression even if that right is not convenient to the institution or the individuals who work here. I can assure the entire Bryant community that is the number one priority of this administration.

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