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"Why Bryant?" Newest faculty members offer their perspectives
Dec 04, 2019, by Staff Writer

Over the last two years, Bryant University has hired 29 new faculty members whose credentials and passion for teaching are second to none. This next generation of Bryant academics are accomplished scholars who have worked and studied at top institutions such as Yale, Notre Dame, Penn, Auburn, Duke, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, UC-Berkeley, and the London School of Economics. 

"What sets Bryant apart is an amazing focus on ‘the good of the learners.'"

Their perspectives on academic excellence, their passion for teaching, and why they chose Bryant were captured for a recent project sponsored by the Office of the Provost. Excerpts from their responses are featured in "Inspired to Teach: Perspectives from New Faculty," a new brochure that will be sent to academic peers. Their remarks are featured on Bryant social media channels throughout the spring semester. 

For example, Kacy Kim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marketing, wrote that "Bryant is a place where the distance between professors and students does not seem to exist." What sets Bryant apart is an amazing focus on ‘the good of the learners,’" said Robert Massoud, PMP, MBA, Lecturer of Management. "I notice faculty and students in dialogue outside of class time. That tells me there’s more to education at Bryant than what happens in the classroom.” 

The new faculty members "are energized by the opportunity to contribute to Bryant's mission," Provost Sulmasy wrote in the brochure's forward. "Individually and collectively, they are the future of Bryant."

Read what all 29 faculty members had to say here. Below are a few more perspectives and observations from the most recent additions to Bryant's community of scholars:

  • “Everything about Bryant – the quality of its students and faculty, its excellent reputation, the emphasis on teaching and mentoring – makes teaching here an incredible opportunity. I find Bryant’s philosophy of integrated education to be both compelling and  absolutely appropriate as preparation for today’s world.” – Richard Gorvett, FCAS, CERA, MAAA, ARM, FRM, Ph.D., Chair of Mathematics Department and Professor of Mathematics 

  • “The workforce of the future  will require constant up-skilling, and employee digital dexterity will outweigh tenure and experience. Bryant recognizes this and is well-positioned to prepare its  students with the technical and critical thinking skills needed to successfully compete in the digital marketplace.” – James Shanahan, Ph.D., Jeanne & John Rowe  Professor of Data Science,  Associate Professor of  Information Systems and  Analytics, and Executive Director of the Data Science Initiative 

  •  “University-level teaching is not about answers, but rather about promoting an analytical way of thinking. I was attracted to Bryant because its people are fully committed to creating a positive atmosphere of trust and respect where students are partners in the knowledge discovery process and not a consumer of information.” – R. Isil Yavuz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor  of Management and  Entrepreneurship  Program Coordinator

  • “There is a lot of excitement and energy for learning, exploring, and innovating at Bryant University. Students and faculty have the opportunity to work closely together through team-based learning and practical application. The small class sizes make it easy to know students as individuals rather than just numbers.” – Kathryn Ostermeier, Ph.D., Assistant Professor  of Management 

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