Emily Grossman '23
Emily Grossman '23, customized fashion company, Bryant Customz, combines school spirit with entrepreneurial drive and the good advice she's received from her coursework and her mentors.
Belonging at Bryant: Meet Emily Grossman '23
Nov 18, 2021, by Staff Writer
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Meet Emily Grossman ’23, a Marketing and Leadership & Project Management double major from Ocean, NJ. Coming from a family of business owners, Emily knew she wanted to start her own and created Bryant Customz, a customized fashion company that promotes Bryant school spirit. “I would have never pictured myself as a CEO that owns a Limited Liability Corporation by the age of 20,” says Emily. “I can honestly say I will never truly be able to express the immense gratitude I feel for every customer that has purchased from me.”

Courses like Global Foundations of Business, taught by Senior Lecturer of Management Adam Rubin, are aiding Emily in honing her business management skills. “The class was an introduction to what it’s like to work on a huge project with a business plan and it helped me gain an understanding of the many parts that it takes to produce a product,” she says. “I made lifelong friends through the course and developed amazing presentation and collaboration skills through the group work we did. Professor Rubin is still a very helpful mentor to me to this day, which has been an amazing asset as I work to expand my company.”

"You'll never know all of the possibilities for success until you try. Bryant so has many outlets for creativity and finding amazing mentors.”

Emily's affection for her university can be seen throughout her company's product line. Choosing Bryant was an easy decision, she states. “From the first time you step foot on campus, it's apparent that Bryant creates a welcoming community through campus organizations and amazing opportunitiesnot to mention the long-lasting friendships we form, which add to amazing networking possibilities!”

Having found her path, she encourages other students to find their own. This February, Emily will be a speaker at TEDxBryantU, a student-run initiative that is independently organized but licensed by the TED media platform, where she'll share the insights she's acquired and discuss her business philosophy. 

Emily’s advice for her fellow bulldogs is, “Go for it! You will never know all of the possibilities for success until you try. Bryant has many so outlets for creativity and finding amazing mentors.”

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