Jacquelyn May
A Marketing major with a Psychology minor, Jacquelyn May runs her own photography business, Jackie May Photography
Belonging at Bryant: Meet Jacquelyn May '23
Nov 11, 2021, by Staff Writer
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Naturally creative and hardworking, Jacquelyn May '23 is building a skillset that will help her share her vision with the world.

A Marketing major with a Psychology minor, May grew up in Cape Cod, MA on her family farm raising Scottish Highland Cattle, which she credits with instilling in her a powerful work ethic and drive to succeed. “As my two older sisters and I grew up, my parents wanted to teach us the ropes of running a business, and the hard work that goes into it,” says Jacquelyn, who, alongside her family, has showed cattle at competitions across the country.

Now, she runs her own business, Jackie May Photography. “One of the things I love about photography is that I can see the world through the lens of my camera,” she states. She sees her work as a way to tell stories about the things that are important to people and is planning a trip to explore and photograph the country after graduation.

"Bryant is always working to better the experience for all of its students and to make them feel seen and heard."

Her love of creativity and expressing herself is what led to her course of study. “I chose my Marketing major because that’s my niche,” says May. “I am always working creatively on projects; whether it’s through my photography business or my other projects.”

Jacquelyn also discovered a passion for psychology in Professor Ronald Deluga’s introductory course during her sophomore year. She notes that pairing her business major with an arts and sciences minor has increased her understanding of both. “My minor complements my Marketing major so well because it teaches you the science behind human nature and the consumer decision making process.”

Whether it’s showing cattle, growing her photography business or studying the things that interest her the most, May is intent on creating her own path on her own terms. “Follow your heart and do what you love, wherever that may lead and take you,” she advises.

Her time at Bryant University is making that journey a little easier. “Bryant is always working to better the experience for all of its students and to make them feel seen and heard,” she says.

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