Brass nameplate reads Confucius Institute at Bryant University
Bryant declines to apply for continued funding for Confucius Institute
Apr 06, 2021, by Staff Writer

After 15 years of valued language and cultural programs provided through the Confucius Institute at Bryant, the University has chosen not to apply for continued funding at the expiration of the Confucius Institute contract. Bryant will evaluate changes that are taking place in China and regarding U.S.-China relations before making any future commitment.

Developing a global mindset is a cornerstone of Bryant’s mission. We remain strongly committed to international engagement and will continue teaching Chinese language and culture exchanges to improve mutual understanding. Bryant University welcomes and supports talented Chinese students attending Bryant. We continue our strong beliefs that economic and business ties between the two nations are significant and are committed to provide high quality business education through our curriculum offerings in Zhuhai.

Established in October 2006, the Confucius Institute at Bryant University was the first such institute in Southern New England dedicated to Chinese language and culture. The Institute has offered language resources and educational programs to benefit students, educators, individuals and businesses in Rhode Island and the local region. The contributions of our colleagues at the Confucius Institute are appreciated, as are those from all who add to the diversity of our community.

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