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Bryant University announces 2020-21 Senior Advisory Council members
Oct 14, 2020, by Staff Writer

Bryant University President Ross Gittell, Ph.D., is very proud to announce the 2020-21 members of the University’s Bryant Senior Advisory Council (BSAC). In a year like no other, this distinguished group of students representing the Class of 2021 will meet monthly with the President and members of his Cabinet to reflect and learn together during these unprecedented times for Bryant and for all of higher education. The students will gain significant professional experience and exposure, and a deeper knowledge of their University, and the leadership team will benefit through this substantive forum by hearing the perspectives of those who, in many respects, know Bryant best.

In announcing the appointment of the BSAC members, President Gittell said, “During these challenging times and in the first year of my presidency, I have learned a lot about and from our students. I have been particularly impressed by their strong support of each other, and their commitment to their personal, academic and professional development and to our University. Their insights and perspectives, which we will receive through the Bryant Senior Advisory Council, will provide an invaluable resource as we plan for the University’s future.”

The insight and perspective received through the Bryant Senior Advisory Council "will provide an invaluable resource as we plan for the University’s future."

The 2020-21 BSAC members were chosen from a large and impressive pool of seniors nominated this year. The selections were particularly difficult given the nominees' strong qualifications. The 2020-21 BSAC members are active in a wide range of Bryant organizations and represent academic disciplines across the College of Arts and Sciences and College of Business. On the Council, they will share their collective experiences in the Bryant Honors Program, as student-athletes, and employees of departments throughout the University, and as representatives of diverse cultures across the country and around the world.

The University’s 2020-21 Bryant Senior Advisory Council members are:

  • Aidana Aisa
  • Zachary Allen
  • Morgan Almeida
  • Kojo Appiah
  • Alyse Beauchemin
  • Andre Brackett
  • Dana Brokmeier
  • Danielle Caci
  • Matthew Caruso
  • Siru Chen
  • Alexandra Coyne
  • Jordan Dagrin
  • Stephanie DeCarli
  • Cara DelSesto
  • Sarah DeSantis
  • Kaitlin Dickey
  • Kaitlyn Fales
  • Miguelina Feris
  • Cadri Folami
  • Brandon Fontaine
  • Jonathan Hagenow
  • Skye Hazel
  • Jonathan Huntley
  • Courtney Kelleher
  • Shane Kelly
  • Ryan Kilcoyne
  • Nicole Matarazzo
  • Michael Matkowski
  • Andrew McCotter
  • Timothy McLaughlin
  • Caroline Meizen
  • Leandro Moro
  • Alex Morrow
  • Nika Nguyen
  • Kathleen Perkins
  • Nazir Rodriguez
  • Madeline Roy
  • Luz-Margarita Ruiz
  • Luke Samperi
  • Brigitte Spencer
  • Venkata Ullas Tadisetty
  • Olivia Valenti
  • Amanda Whitham
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