Gregg Carter pens op ed about homelessness
Professor Gregg Carter penned an op-ed, which ran in the Providence Journal, urging for a compassionate response to Rhode Islanders without secure housing.
Bryant University Sociology Professor Gregg Carter pens Providence Journal op-ed
Dec 14, 2022, by Staff Writer
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Bryant University Professor of Sociology at Gregg Carter wrote a stirring op-ed for the Sunday, December 11 Providence Journal calling for a compassionate response to Rhode Islanders without secure housing. An estimated 1400 Rhode Islanders are housing insecure, he writes, with an estimated 500 living rough in tents, cars, or other makeshift shelters. With part of the $610 million dollars surplus in the state budget available for urgent needs, Carter asks, “Can we think of an any more urgent need than getting our cousins out of the cold at night?” Read more at the Providence Journal.


Professor Carter has authored or edited 26 books on contemporary social issues. He writes on gun violence, social demography, gender roles, and quantitative analysis among other topics. The former President of the New England Sociological Association, Carter is the recipient of the Bryant University "Distinguished Research & Publication Award," "Excellence in Teaching Award," and "Distinguished Faculty Member Award.” His current scholarly research focuses on contact theory, and how its insights are potentially useful in helping humanity to peacefully adjust to its recent social condition of extensive social heterogeneity from its much longer history of extensive homogeneity.


Students in Bryant's Sociology program, within the College of Arts and Sciences, work directly with government, nonprofit, and other organizations to put the theory behind contemporary social issues into practice. With a solid basis in data analytics and media analysis, Bryant's students tackle the toughest challenges - from healthcare to population to race and society - both in classroom and real-world settings. Learn more about Bryant’s Sociology program here.

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