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Bryant's Class of 2026 is one of the most accomplished incoming classes in the history of the University. Over the next four years, they'll discover their passion and become innovative leaders of character prepared to make a difference around the world.
Bryant welcomes the Class of 2026
Sep 01, 2022, by Staff Writer
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This week, Bryant University welcomed to campus the Class of 2026. Selected from nearly 9,000 applicants, the largest and most academically talented pool in the University’s 159-year history, the class is one of the most accomplished to date. 

Chosen for their commitment to academic excellence, and strength of character, the members of the class have already begun to make their mark on the world. Over the course of the next four years, they’ll reach higher and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

“Each of you brings something unique to Bryant,” noted Michelle L. Cloutier, Vice President for Enrollment Management, in her address to the Class of 2026 at this year’s Convocation. “Your many amazing qualities will enrich our campus and the world around us.  We feel fortunate to be able to participate in your growth and development throughout your time here.”

Bryant's Class of 2026

A caring, collegial community
The nearly 1,000 members of the Class of 2026 have joined a close-knit community of faculty, staff, and peers, all dedicated to helping them create their paths to success and reach their fullest potential. They’ll be empowered with the real-world-ready skills, experience, and qualities of character they’ll need to drive change in both their communities and in organizations around the world.

The class hails from 30 US states and from 20 countries across five of the seven continents. Collectively, they speak more than 37 different languages and dialects.18 percent of the students identify with African American, Latino American, or Asian American backgrounds. 

Nearly 23 percent of the class are first generation college students, excited to begin a new adventure. Fifteen percent have a member of their family who has attended Bryant and has seen the transformative success that a Bryant education can deliver.

Together, the new students will form lifelong friendships, discover their strengths, and build successful futures.

Academic excellence
The members of the University’s incoming class have already distinguished themselves in their studies. On average, they were in the top 26 percent of the class, their average SAT total was 1258, and their average GPA was 3.63. At Bryant, the students will hone their skills and talents through a career-focused curriculum that educates the whole person, preparing them to make a world of difference.

Their varied areas of academic interest, from Biology to Finance are a perfect fit for Bryant’s curriculum, which is nationally recognized as path-breaking and integrates business, the liberal arts, and STEM fields. By combining their studies across disciplines, the students will discover their passions and develop an unbeatable competitive advantage at a time when the value of a Bryant education has never been greater.

Sixty one percent of the Class of 2026 took Advanced Placement classes and 242 members of the Class qualified for the University’s Honors Program through their academic success in high school–demonstrating their desire to challenge themselves. They’ll be supported at Bryant by dedicated teachers and mentors, innovative facilities, and resources that generate superior student outcomes.

Citizens of character
The class brings with them a wealth of experiences and perspectives. More than 66 percent of the class held jobs during high school, and several have even started their own businesses, demonstrating their entrepreneurial spirit. Ninety-one members of the class served in student government, working to give their classmates a voice and inspire change. They’ve also made myriad contributions to the arts as artists, musicians, and performers.

The students’ commitment to excellence extends onto the playing field as well. Three hundred and six members of the class played more than one sport in high school and 295 served as a team captain. Two hundred and six of this year’s first year students will be joining one of Bryant’s 25 Division I varsity teams and many more will compete in the University’s club and intramural leagues, where they will hone their teamwork skills and develop as leaders.  

More than 63 percent of the class has lent their time and talents to volunteering to help those in need, both locally and in countries around the world. Their Bryant education and Bryant experience will help them find new ways to use that desire to aid others and make an even greater impact as innovative and ethical leaders.

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