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The nationally recognized programs of Bryant's Amica Center for Career Education cover all the bases, from preparing students for jobs they'll love and excel in to providing them with the perfect headshot to accompany their job-hunting profile.
Bryant's Amica Center for Career Education prepares students to shine in careers they love
Mar 08, 2021, by Staff Writer

At a time when Bryant students are more in demand than ever, the University’s Amica Center for Career Education is ensuring they have the support and guidance they need to turn their talents and passion into a meaningful career. This semester, the Center has posted a record number of high-level job openings for students enrolled in both the University’s College of Business and College of Arts and Sciences.
“We work hard to ensure that Bryant’s students are exposed to all of the different pathways to success that their education has prepared them for and aid them in making the connections they need to both find great jobs and to flourish in them,” says Kevin Gaw, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Amica Center. 

The right jobs
Through the Amica Center’s offerings, students have access to more than 1,000 job listings, per monthly average, with major corporations, government organizations, and nonprofits in locations from Rhode Island to Los Angeles, California. “To meet the challenges of the employment market, we’ve broadened the geographic range of our recruitment efforts and offer a higher level of recruiting possibilities than ever before,” notes Gaw.
Each potential posting is formally reviewed to ensure that it applies to the Bryant curriculum and meets strict approval requirements. “Quality and alignment are critical factors in our review of job postings,” Gaw states. ”The positions we post are all quality opportunities that Bryant students are equipped to pursue and excel in.”
Students have quick access to these postings through the Bryant Career Connection (BCC), the University’s online career management system. The BCC also offers a robust mock interview module that helps students to acquire and practice important career skills, as well as other resources.

The Center’s Virtual Career & Internship Fairs are stocked with employers offering summer internships, leadership development opportunities, and full-time positions. More than 400 organizations participate in Bryant’s on-campus recruiting program

Key resources
The Amica Center’s high-touch approach to helping students find great jobs is reflected in all aspects of their work. Even during a global pandemic, the Center continues to offer the one-on-one career guidance for which it’s known. Amica’s specially trained staff guide students through the entire career search process over their four years at Bryant, from assisting them with choosing their major, to working with them to determine their career goals, to helping them find internships and career opportunities. 

The Center’s nationally recognized programs offer students personalized career guidance and help them make invaluable connections. Career-preparation workshops cover areas such as cover letter writing, interviewing, networking, and personal branding. During Résumé Rally sessions, recruiters from major employers review students résumés with them, offering advice and pointers regarding the career search process in their field. 

Even the small details are covered. "Dress for Success" classes provide useful tips on professional attire and LinkedIn photobooth sessions ensure that students have the perfect headshot to accompany their job-hunting profile.

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