Bryant's Emily Tetrault speaks at the 27th annual Women's Summit.
At Bryant's Women's Summit, Emily Tetrault shares how to reshape your dreams when confronting health challenges.
Emily Tetrault on how to find inner strength amidst health challenges
Mar 15, 2024, by Emma Bartlett
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Focusing on the theme “Passion, Purpose, Power, Possibility,” during the 27th annual Women’s Summit® on March 14, Bryant’s Emily Tetrault held a morning breakout session on ways to reshape your dreams when confronting health challenges. Tetrault, a Biological and Biomedical Sciences adjunct professor, academic lab manager, and chemical hygiene officer, shared her personal journey of chronic illness with attendees and provided what she’s dubbed “gentle advice” for ways we can discover inner strength while facing continuous trials. Here are three of her top tips:

1. Pinpoint your purpose

When we’re struggling — either with a health condition, trauma, or a situation outside our control — it can feel as though we’ll never get past this moment or that our problem may change us forever. While these challenges can be overwhelming, Tetrault noted the importance of finding purpose.  

“For me, it’s always about getting to that root purpose of what you love and figuring out a way to make it tangible,” said Tetrault.

2. Channel your pain and lend a helping hand

When we feel physical or emotional pain, it can be hard not to get lost in that suffering. Grief is a significant part to processing health challenges, but it’s important not to remain in a negative headspace.

“When I get stuck, I’ve learned to get up and go help somebody,” Tetrault said, suggesting that individuals serve their community or do something productive while still honoring their limitations.

3. Find your sunshine

When the bad seems to outweigh the good, Tetrault suggests locating moments of happiness to hang onto.  

“Look for where you can find those little nuggets of joy and adventure,” Tetrault said, noting that this could include the time spent reading a book or going for a walk.

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