Goss Prize inspires Bryant entrepreneurs
Nov 02, 2017, by Staff Writer
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The Jackson W. Goss Prize in Entrepreneurship is presented annually by Bryant to advance the creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit of undergraduate students.

Earlier this fall, the latest group of prize recipients offered updates on the work they've done since winning their awards for projects ranging from marine electronics to better body armor.

"The Goss Prize ... was crucial to gaining new entrepreneurial skills."

Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator Lou Mazzucchelli and entrepreneur David W. Donahue ’84, who was a judge for the Goss Prize finalists, reviewed the successes of:

  • John Logan ’16 - "The Magic Behind Success"
  • Jeremy Wilder '19 and Matthew Barnett ’19 - entrepreneurial survey
  • Shalin Mehta ’17 and Richard Hollis ’17 - body armor
  • James Imrie ’18 - media production
  • Ryan Buonaugurio ’18 - marine electronics

Donlan told Wilder and Barnett that although he initially voted against their project — traveling the country to ask entrepreneurs their best advice for aspiring startups —  their presentation changed his mind. He urged the duo to continue connecting with entrepreneurs.

The Goss Prize also made possible RPB Marine’s new booth at both the Providence and New England Boat Shows this winter. The prize helped Buonaugurio, the owner and operator, pay the exhibitor’s fees as well as fund a special display showcasing RPB’s work. 

“The Goss Prize has been a huge help,” says Buonaugurio, named CEO’s national Collegiate Entrepreneurs of the Year.  “It was crucial to gaining new entrepreneurial skills as well as growing the company.”

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