i2i 2023 Egypt performance
The Azama Dance Company performs colorful, artistic belly dances representing Middle Eastern culture at this year's production of i2i, organized by the Bryant University International Student Office. Held on December 1, i2i 2023 provided a showcase for performance traditions from around the world.
i2i showcases diversity, global reach at Bryant through performance
Dec 04, 2023, by Stephen Kostrzewa
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The Bryant University community took a trip around the world on December 1 courtesy of i2i, Bryant’s annual culture and performance show and one of its most popular traditions. Organized by the university’s International Student Organization, this year’s i2i provided a joyous showcase for international music and dance traditions across eight different scenes, including sections focusing on The United States, Europe, India, China, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

More than 60 students — representing a range of cultures and nearly every course of study — came together for this year’s i2i , including representatives from Bryant’s campus in Zhuhai, China, who recorded a scene for the show. “i2i is about building community,” notes Joseph Lopez ’25, who directed the production alongside Luany Alencar ’25. “It’s about better understanding the person next to you.”

"i2i", says Alencar, embodies the spirit of Bryant’s close-knit international community. “It’s ISO’s mission to help educate people on campus about different cultures — and especially the cultures of the people that are here on campus — but it also is here to make sure that everyone on campus has a place where they feel like they’re home,” she says. “i2i is a chance to meet new people, learn about other cultures, and even share a part of your culture that’s special to you with the entire university.” 

One of the best things about the show, the directors agree, is the supportive and enthusiastic crowd. “It’s a really good feeling to look out into the audience and see everyone who’s there for you — your friends and family and so many other people on campus,” says Alencar. “This is something that’s so important to us and we work so hard to perfect our scenes, so it’s really special to see everyone out there cheering for us.”

“There’s always a lot of positive energy at i2i,” Lopez acknowledges. “When you're backstage and you're waiting for your scenes to be called up, you feel anxious, but when it’s your turn and you go out on the stage with your peers and you see the bright lights and the entire crowd screaming for you, you realize, ‘Ok, this is really happening,’ and nothing beats that.”

At the end of the night, the director’s hope, of course, that the audience had a great time, but their ambition runs deeper than that. “We want everyone to walk away from i2i with a new appreciation for other cultures and that they see the value in our diversity,” says Alencar.

Here’s a look at i2i’s guided tour around the world:

i2i 2023 MCs
MCS: “Welcome to ISO Airlines,” i2i Masters of Ceremonies Olivia Hernandez ’26 and Janell Gamboa ’25  announce. As “co-pilots” for the event, they led the audience on a global expedition.
i2i 2023 United States
The trip starts off in the United States with a high-energy performance, including pop and hip-hop numbers fueled by songs from Sabrina Carpenter, Beyonce, Fergie, and Joey Valence.
i2i 2023 Europe
A whirlwind tour of Europe includes visits to Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands and features a ballet number, among other dances.
i2i 2023 India
Vaishnavi Velagapudi ’23 ’24MBA and Avantika Sengupta ’27 demonstrate the Bharata Natyam and Kathak styles of classical Indian dance and share their personal connection to the artform. 
i2i 2023 Cape Verde
Gamboa, accompanied by her sisters Elyna and Isabell, sings “Nha Terra” — which means “My Land” in Cape Verdean Creole — by R&B and Kizomba artist Soraia Ramos in a tribute to Cape Verde.
i2i 2023 audience
One of Bryant’s most popular events, i2i gathers a standing room-only crowd of students, staff, returning alumni, and others. “Representation is important,” notes Christian Alves ’25, who appreciates the positive energy that suffuses the event.
i2i 2023 Mali
Master djembe drummer Issa Coulibaly, a returning favorite i2i performer, led a student drum circle to celebrate the traditions of the nation of Mali.
i2i 2023 Latin America
Bachata, salsa, and merengue were all included in a scene celebrating Latin America, including a concluding section featuring the region’s wide-ranging diaspora. 
i2i 2023 Carribean
The tour ends with a joyous visit to the Caribbean, and an exploration of Haitian, Jamaican, Dominican Republic, and Trinidadian musical stylings.
i2i 2023 Performers
More than 60 students, representing nearly all courses of study, took part in this year’s i2i, both on the stage and behind the scenes. At the end of the show, i2i’s performers take a bow to thunderous applause. 


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