Bryant University Professor Stefanie Boyer at the Women Sales Innovators Summit.
Marketing professor Stefanie Boyer talks RNMKRS on Bloomberg’s Bay State Business Hour
Dec 19, 2022, by Staff Writer
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Bloomberg’s Bay State Business Hour welcomed Bryant University Marketing Professor Stefanie Boyer onto the program to talk about developing the RNMKRS app. The RNMKRS AI offers real world scenarios that respond to the students in real time, helping to hone their skills as effective sales professionals. Today’s salesforce needs to be more nuanced than Harold Hill from The Music Man (hat tip to Hugh Jackman).

“We’ve taken [the] sales process and we’re trained our bots through many algorithms to have these conversations. In about a third of a second, the student is talking to the bot, the bot is processing what [the student] said, thinking about what it wants to say back, and gives feedback,” explains Boyer. The app gamifies the process, so students are incentivized to practice their sales pitch until they make a sale. Listen to the segment here.

Boyer, who was listed on Forbes’ Next 1000 Entrepreneurs list in 2021, is a key faculty member in Bryant’s Marketing Department. Executive Director of the Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition held at Bryant, she was the opening keynote speaker at the 2022 Women in Sales Summit in Napa.

The Marketing Department at Bryant University offers a diverse curriculum encompassing promotions, market research, digital marketing, buyer behavior, and more. The program challenge students to solve real world problems through practical experience, leading to a No. 1 ranking by College Factual for the Digital Marketing program. Learn more about Bryant’s Marketing program here.

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