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In an interview with HealthDay, Joseph Trunzo, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Bryant, shared how Lyme Disease can wreak havoc on mental health.
Psychologist Joseph Trunzo comments on mental health impact of Lyme disease
Sep 03, 2021, by Staff Writer


"Lyme disease can have devastating medical and psychological effects, wreaking havoc on relationships, finances, cognition, emotions, quality of life, and all aspects of daily functioning," Joseph Trunzo, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Bryant’s Department of Psychology told HealthDay in a recent interview.

With a long history of infectious diseases causing significant health issues, both mentally and behaviorally, Trunzo says it isn't clear if the disease causes mental disorders or if they result from battling the other symptoms of Lyme infection.

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About Professor Trunzo

joseph trunzo

Joseph Trunzo, Ph.D., is Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Bryant University and Deputy Director of the Center for Health and Behavioral Sciences (CHBS).  He is a licensed, practicing clinical psychologist and founder of Providence Psychology Services in Providence, RI. He earned his Ph.D. at Drexel University, completed his pre-doctoral internship at the University of Vermont, and completed his postdoctoral training at the Centers for Behavioral & Preventive Medicine at the Brown University Medical School. He has written for and appeared in publications including Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Yahoo! Life, Aeon, Rhode Island Monthly, and The Morning News.

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