Selected from a competitive pool, new members of Bryant Senior Advisory Council announced
Oct 13, 2023, by Casey Nilsson
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Nominated by faculty and staff, 38 exceptional seniors have been selected as members of the Bryant Senior Advisory Council (BSAC) for the 2023-2024 academic year. This council embodies a spirit of excellence and student leadership that's engrained in the Bryant University community. 

In announcing the new members, President Ross Gittell, Ph.D., emphasized their potential to influence positive change on campus.

"BSAC is a uniquely Bryant opportunity for student leaders to grow and develop real-world-ready skills. With participation in BSAC, our students have the opportunity to interact directly with senior leadership, and senior leadership is able to learn about the Bryant experience from our student’s perspective," says Gittell. "The input from BSAC meetings over the last three years have had strong influence on Vision 2030, our university’s strategic plan."

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BSAC represents a diverse range of student backgrounds, experiences, and academic pursuits, creating a mosaic of talent within the council. Of the thirty-eight members, one will be selected to serve as a Recent Alumni Trustee following Commencement in May. 

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"Throughout the years, I have learned much about, and from, our students through BSAC," Gittell says. "I continue to be impressed by their strong sense of what they want to accomplish, support of each other, and commitment to Bryant University. I truly look forward to our first meeting at the Callahan House later this month."

The 2023-24 Bryant Senior Advisory Council members are:

  • Pablo Ablanedo
  • Teagen Alexander
  • Andrew Ahlquist
  • Giana Amaral
  • Brooke Blanche
  • Alexia Brandao
  • Lucie Castagne
  • Fabiana Castro
  • Carley Edelman
  • Brendan Falls
  • Kyle Forsley
  • Ava Genova
  • Catherine Harris
  • Jasmine Hope
  • Alaiza Irani
  • Michael James
  • Andreas Kotsironis
  • Laurel Kroeber
  • Natalia Kuipers
  • Nilsa Laine
  • Luke J. Lamontagne
  • Danielle Latty
  • Dontae Lunan
  • Odette Mansour
  • Aznii Martin
  • Nicholas Mirecki
  • Peter Misiaszek
  • Marcus Moody
  • Kevin Niranjan
  • Delaney Pickering
  • Muzayna Pulatova
  • Aalyah Ribeiro
  • Patrick Roth
  • Owen Sawyer
  • Madison Scherner
  • Ashley Siravo
  • Carly Sleboda
  • Devahya Townsend
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