Students appointed to Bryant Senior Advisory Council
Nov 21, 2022, by Staff Writer
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Bryant University President Ross Gittell, Ph.D., is pleased to announce the members of the Bryant Senior Advisory Council (BSAC) for 2022-23. This accomplished group of 36 students from the Class of 2023 will meet with the President and members of his Cabinet each month to share perspectives on their Bryant experience and learn more about how the University operates. In May, one member of BSAC will be selected to join the Bryant Board of Trustees as Recent Alumni Trustee.

In announcing the BSAC members for this year, President Gittell said, “BSAC is a unique opportunity for student leaders to grow and develop real-world-ready skills. Throughout the years, I have learned much about and from our students through BSAC. I am particularly impressed by their support of each other and commitment to their academic and professional development and to Bryant University. The insights and perspectives students share with the leadership team are invaluable as we plan for the future."

The students who serve on BSAC gain significant professional experience and exposure to Bryant’s leadership team as well as a deeper knowledge of their University. The Cabinet benefits from this dedicated forum for student engagement by hearing the perspectives of those who, in many respects, know Bryant best.

The 2022-23 BSAC members were chosen from an impressive pool of seniors nominated this year. The selections were particularly difficult given the nominees' strong qualifications. The 36 new BSAC members are active in a wide range of Bryant organizations and represent academic disciplines across the College of Arts and Sciences and College of Business. On the Council, they will share their collective experiences in the Bryant Honors Program, as leaders of student organizations, student-athletes, and employees of departments throughout the University, and as representatives of diverse cultures across the country and around the world. 

The University’s 2022-23 Bryant Senior Advisory Council members are:

•    Patricia Adesanya
•    Sara Anselmo
•    Louise Barro 
•    Robert Bressan 
•    Mia Cergol
•    Holly Chadwick
•    Perry Crovo
•    Hayden Curley
•    Anxhela Elezaj
•    Liam Fluharty
•    Anthony Frascogna
•    Camerin Gumbs
•    Andrew Hinckley 
•    Magielette Hudson
•    Joey Leszczynski 
•    Jacob Marchand 
•    Emily Marullo 
•    Emma McGovern 
•    Alana Perkins
•    Chi Phi
•    Colby Phillips
•    Samantha Reardon
•    Alison Ryan 
•    Julian Serrano 
•    Alyson Snell 
•    Mackenzie Stapleton
•    Megan Swenson
•    Kylie Truong
•    Taylor Vahey
•    Alejandro Vaquerano
•    Talia Vicente 
•    Veronica Wallace
•    Courtney Wegrzyn
•    Jake Williams
•    Thomas Williams
•    Zachary Zambarano 

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