Bryant launches ACE Internationalization Lab initiative to enhance global engagement
Apr 01, 2022, by Staff Writer
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SMITHFIELD, RI – The American Council on Education (ACE) Internationalization laboratory at Bryant University is off to a strong start. On Feb 16, the committee, co-chaired by Hong Yang, Ph.D., Dr. Charles J. Smiley Chair, Professor of Science and Technology, and Vice President for International Affairs and Kevin Martins, Ed.D., Assistant Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, kicked off the 20-month initiative. Bryant is one of 13 international colleges and universities selected to participate in the 19th cohort of the ACE Internationalization Laboratory, a collaborative learning community that assists colleges and universities in analyzing current activities and formulating strategic plans to achieve their internationalization goals and strengthen their global engagement. To date, more than 150 institutions have participated in the program.

“We look forward to creating an inclusive and engaging working and learning process that will serve the entire Bryant community—students, faculty, staff, and alumni.”  

Bryant’s Internationalization committee of staff, faculty, and administrators are working with colleagues across campus, ACE program staff, expert lab advisors, and other universities participating in Cohort 19 (listed below) to evaluate and enhance Bryant's international programs.

To assist with the process, ACE provides strategic, coordinated framework that seeks to align and integrate policies, programs, initiatives, and individuals to position colleges and universities to be more globally oriented and internationally connected.

Cheryl Matherly, Ph.D., Vice President and Vice Provost for International Affairs at Lehigh University, is an advisor the ACE Internationalization Lab who consults with universities developing internationalization strategic plans. She served as co-chair for Lehigh’s Internationalization Lab in 2018 and brings her experience and expertise on global education in support of Bryant’s efforts to engage in this important process.

The Bryant community is invited to attend a reception April 6 at 5 p.m. in the AIC Café to learn more about the lab.

Dr. Matherly will visit campus on Wed., April 6 to engage with Bryant leadership regarding current trends in international education and to provide perspective regarding data collection and analysis for Bryant’s internationalization plan. The Bryant community is invited to attend a reception with Dr. Matherly at 5 p.m. in the AIC Café to learn more about the lab, its goals and process, and to engage in the university-wide process of enhancing Bryant’s culture of internationalization.

“It is an honor to welcome Dr. Matherly to Bryant to learn from her expertise and build engagement with this important initiative,” says Yang. “We look forward to creating an inclusive and engaging working and learning process that will serve the entire Bryant community—students, faculty, staff, and alumni.”  

Although the ACE Internationalization Lab will span two academic years, recommended programs and strategies can be readily implemented under the new Vision 2030 strategic guidelines. Activities, including data collection and analysis, program reviews, benchmarking, and communication, as well as recommendations and reporting, will generate data-driven goals and programs.

“This unique and collaborative effort is an important driver in creating Bryant’s future strategies to engage internationally in bringing more global learning opportunities for our students to enhance their Bryant experience and to better prepare them for the changing world,” adds Yang.

Bryant University ACE Internationalization Lab Committee

Leadership Team

Dr. Hong Yang, Vice President for International Affairs, Co-Chair

Dr. Kevin Martins, Assistant Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Co-Chair

Dr. Teresa McCarthy, Associate Professor of Marketing and Global Supply Chain, Faculty Leader

Kongli Liu, Assistant to Vice President for International Affairs, Program Coordinator


Academic Programs and Curriculum

  • Camerin Gumbs (Student)

  • Jacqueline Saslawski (Management Faculty)

  • Rebecca Senna (Senior Academic Advisor)

  • John Dietrich (History and Social Sciences Faculty)

  • Staff support: Zhengxiang (Jason) Wang (International Affairs)

Co-curriculum and Campus Culture

  • Jana Valentine (Assistant Dean of Residential Life & Community Standards), Chair

  • Emily Collins Garcia (Coordinator for International Student Integration)

  • Dr. Kevin Gaw (Executive Director of Amica Center for Career Education)

  • Chi Phi (Student)

  • Dr. Elena Precourt (Accounting Faculty)

  • Beth Wandyes (Senior Associate Athletic Director)

  • Staff support: Judith Weidenbacher (International Affairs)

Faculty and Staff Support

  • Laura Kohl (Director of Library Services), Chair

  • Dr. Ronald Bobroff (History and Social Sciences Faculty)

  • Dr. Can Inci (Finance Faculty)

  • Dr. Mailee Kue (Director of CDI)

  • Dr. Gao Niu (Mathematics Faculty)

  • Jared Teixeira (Laptop Central Supervisor)

  • Staff support: Kun Xie (International Affairs)

International Recruitment

  • Andrew Kupec (Associate Director of International Admission), Chair

  • Patricia Gomez (Modern Language Faculty)

  • Jamie Grenon (Director of Graduate Programs)

  • Dr. Jongsung Kim (Economics Faculty)

  • Xiang (Ada) Li (Assistant Director of Academic Services, Bryant Zhuhai)

International Mobility and Partnerships

  • Cindi Lewis (Director of Global Education), Chair

  • Edward A. Magro (Executive Director of University Development)

  • Kaoru Paganelli (Assistant director, International Students and Scholars)

  • Dr. Rachael Rudolph (Bryant Zhuhai Faculty)

  • Dr. Srdan Zdravkovic (Marketing Faculty)

  • Staff support: John Forrest (International Affairs)

Leadership and Institutional Commitment

  • Cecilia Cooper (Director of Public Relations)

  • Catherine Currie (Senior Associate Director of Human Resources)

  • Yusheng Ding (Accountant-Business Officer, Controller’s Office)

  • Dr. Kevin Pearce (Communication Faculty)

  • Dr. Edi Tebaldi (Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategy)

ACE Internationalization Laboratory Cohort 19 Universities:

  • Augustana College

  • Bentley University

  • Bryant University

  • Bucknell University

  • College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University

  • Education New Zealand

  • Louisiana State University

  • Middle Tennessee State University

  • Minnesota State University, Mankato

  • Pomona College

  • Saint Norbert College

  • University of Central Florida

  • University of Nevada, Reno

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