3 Pride Month books with rainbow background.
Your Driver is Waiting, The House of Impossible Beauties, and Fun Home are a few of the many available LGBTQ+ resources found within Bryant’s Douglas and Judith Krupp Library.
Celebrate Pride Month at Bryant through literature and film
May 09, 2024, by Emma Bartlett
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LGBTQ+ voices and perspectives have traditionally been underrepresented in literature and film. In celebration of Pride Month, Bryant’s Douglas and Judith Krupp Library highlights some of the many available LGBTQ+ resources found within the university’s library.



Your Driver is Waiting: Following the death of her father, Damani Krishanthan, a queer Tamil woman, finds herself living paycheck to paycheck, caring for her mom, and driving for an app. As city protests advocating for LGBTQ+ rights occur around her, Damani finds herself giving a ride to Jolene — a girl who seems like she could be the perfect girlfriend. As Damani and Jolene’s romance buds and intensifies, Damani lets her guard down only for Jolene to do something unforgivable. (Author: Priya Guns, fiction) 

Pageboy – A Memoir: Known for his roles in The Umbrella Academy and Juno, actor and producer Elliot Page’s memoir documents the discovery of himself as a queer and transgender person. His memoir focuses on love, family, and fame — and of course the courage of taking that leap to become who he truly is. (Author: Elliot Page, non-fiction) 

The House of Impossible Beauties: Angel is new to the drag world and ballroom culture. Set in 1980 New York City, she and a young man named Hector form the first-ever all-Latino house in the Harlem ball circuit; however, trials and tribulations ensue when Hector dies of AIDS-related complications and Angel is left to care for the house alone. She soon recruits several individuals who are LGBTQ+ identifying and together they must learn to navigate sex work, addiction, and persistent abuse — all while supporting one another. (Author: Joseph Cassara, fiction) 

Fun Home – A Family Tragicomic: Allison Bechdel’s graphic memoir focuses on her complex relationship with her father and the struggles of coming out to her parents. Beginning with her childhood, her book addressing themes of sexual orientation, gender roles, suicide, and emotional abuse. (Author: Allison Bechdel, non-fiction) 



The Year We Thought About Love: True Colors: OUT Youth Theater, a group of LGBTQ+ youth of color, talk about their lives and who they love on stage. The documentary film transforms the Boston-based youths’ struggles into performance for social change. Viewers hear from individuals who were kicked out of their home because of who they love, challenged their religion, and have chosen clothes that defy gender norms. Available on Kanopy. 

Milk: Available on DVD, this biographical film follows the life of gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk, who was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. The movie chronicles his personal and professional life up until his assassination. 

Stonewall Uprising: Available on DVD, this documentary film studies the events surrounding the Stonewall riots, which marked a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement. Beginning on June 28, 1969, police raided a popular NYC gay bar known as the Stonewall Inn, which resulted in six days of violent protests. The documentary features interviews with participants, eyewitnesses, and those who went on to form gay liberation groups. 

Streaming options (not available through Bryant’s library) 

Netflix: Call Me By Your Name, Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration, Closet Monster, Heartstopper, and Cobalt Blue

Prime: Uncle Frank, How We Got Gay, Transparent, Always Jane, and Prisma

Hulu: Pose, Schitt’s Creek, Pride From Above, First Day, and Love, Victor

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