Opening scene from Extravaganza 2024
Jaden Jean ’27 and Devahya Townsend '24 take center stage in during Extravaganza 2024's opening scene. Devoted to early activism in the Black community, the scene was directed by Extravaganza Director Danielle Latty '24 and Aznii Martin '24, president of Bryant’s Multicultural Student Union.
Extravaganza 2024 celebrates fashion, community, joy, and the strength of Black resistance
Feb 27, 2024, by Stephen Kostrzewa

When the lights go low and the music starts, there’s nothing like Extravaganza. The annual runway show — featuring 70 student participants and organized by Bryant’s Multicultural Student Union (MSU) — is one of the university’s best-loved traditions and, arguably, its most dynamic show of the year.

“Extravaganza is an opportunity for students, but particularly minority students, to express their culture through fashion and music,” explains Danielle Latty ’24, who directed this year’s performance. “It's an opportunity for people to express why they love their culture so much and to get a better understanding of how these disparate pieces are all intertwined and connected.”

The show opens its doors to everyone who wants to play a role, regardless of their ethnic background or experience with modeling. “For many of the models, this is a chance to express themselves in a new way,” says Latty, who also led one of the show’s four scenes alongside MSU president Aznii Martin ’24 and walked as a model. “It’s also a place for them to make connections.”

But beyond the goal of producing a compelling show, Extravaganza’s directors and scene leaders aim to educate and inspire. This year’s performance explored the strength of Black resistance, took students on a tour de force of the history of Black activism, from the Black Panthers to the protests surrounding George Floyd’s murder, and explored the intersectionality of different culture and civil rights issues around the world.

“I want the audience to understand that ‘marginalized’ doesn't mean sad,” reflects Latty. “There is oppression and there are still battles that need to be fought. But at the end of the day, we still have so much joy and the Black community is so strong and unbreakable.”

Last year, Solange Daluz ’27 sat in the Extravaganza audience as a high school student, part of a visit to the university. Attending Extravaganza, Daluz says, was one of the reasons she came to Bryant. “I knew I could find my people here,” she states. Now, a year later, she and Hazel Tuning ’26 lead a scene in the show.

Taking her place in the audience this year is Cianni Thomas ’23, who directed last year’s Extravaganza. She returned to campus, she says, to show support and solidarity, but also to feel that unique Extravaganza energy again. “No matter when you graduate, your Extravaganza family is forever,” she notes.

Here are some highlights from this year’s Extravaganza: 

Extravaganza Scene 2
Emily Smith ’24 and Jasmine Hope ’24 share a moment of solidarity during a scene devoted to modern day activism directed by Gabi Martino ’24 and Eliana Ochieng ’24.
Extravaganza audience
Extravaganza is one of Bryant University’s best loved traditions, drawing students, staff, faculty, and alumni. 
Advanced Evolution Dance Team performance
Bryant's aDvANCEd Evolution Dance Team, led by President Julia Purdue '25, brings a high-energy performance to the show’s runway.
Step performance by Black Women's Blueprint
A step performance by the university's Black Women's Blueprint student organization, including President Devahya Townsend '24, wows the crowd.
Student unfurls Pride flag at Extravaganza
Kasianna Denmark ’27 waves a Pride flag during a segment devoted to intersectionality and Black joy. 
Hazel Tuning walks the runway
Hazel Tuning ’26, who led the third section of the performance alongside Solange Daluz ’27 (far left), steps to the forefront.
Models don crowns at Extravaganza
In an empowering moment, scene leaders Veronica Wallace ’23 ’24MBA and Joseph Lopez ’25 lead their fellow models in donning sparkling crowns. 
Devon Cunningham Jr. is lit by his fellow models' smartphone lights.
Lit by the smartphone light projected by the audience and his fellow models, Devon Cunningham Jr. '23  makes his way down the runway. 
Janell Gamboa models an anime-inspired look,
The final section of the show explores fashion influences from around the world, including an anime look modeled by Janell Gamboa '24.
Extravaganza Director Danielle Latty, Multicultural Student Union President Danielle Latty and Brandi Gbemisola, assistant director of Bryant's Intercultural Center celebrate a successful Extravaganza
Latty celebrates with Brandi Gbemisola, assistant director of Bryant's Intercultural Center, and Martin at the successful conclusion of the show.


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