Historical image of women at Bryant
An archival image featured in the "Women of Bryant" video produced in March of 2023.
Our favorite storytelling of 2023
Jan 04, 2024, by Bryant News staff
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The Bryant community boasts a wealth of impactful stories worthy of exploration, and our brand journalists, videographers, and social media experts captured many in words and video in the last year. From a profile of a charismatic service dog to a docushort celebrating women's legacies at Bryant, here are a few of our favorites:


"From villain to superhero: What big brands can learn from Barbie’s billion-dollar comeback"

barbie movie


“The Barbie movie was a cultural phenomenon that seemed to take over the entire summer of 2023. Amidst a sea of reviews — both gushing and critical — analyses, and 'how then shall we live?' think pieces, it’s still no surprise that Professor of Marketing Suki Yoon was able to lift the hood of Barbie’s pink convertible and offer some unique insight into what makes it run.” -Stephen Kostrzewa


"Project Playhouse marks 7th year of bringing joy to kids with serious illnesses"

project Playhouse

"The story of Project Playhouse’s evolution and the happiness it brings children with illnesses each year melted my heart from the moment I started my interview with Hannah Ratcliffe ’19, co-advisor of Bryant’s Management Association. The five playhouses created in 2022 were a testament to the power of collaboration and community as undergraduates and local high schoolers dedicated their time to making amazing gifts for our bravest little fighters." -Emma Bartlett


"Born to tinker, Reid combats antibiotics crisis one discovery at a time"

Professor Reid’


“I’ve covered Professor Reid’s antibiotics research for close to seven years now, and it was a pleasure to work on a piece that tells the story of the man inside the lab coat — and about what the life of a working scientist is really like. A talented researcher and dedicated mentor driven to “tinker,” Professor Reid offers a peek behind the scenes into how the science we take for granted is conducted, and at the people who make important discoveries happen.” -Stephen Kostrzewa


"Women of Bryant" video

"Women have always played an intrinsic role in Bryant’s history. Producing the 'Women of Bryant' docushort gave me the opportunity to learn about the remarkable women who were instrumental in shaping the university’s identity and about Bryant’s enduring commitment to women’s leadership and success. It was a privilege to bring this story to life and give it the recognition it deserves." -Kerri Rubino


"Grammy-nominated music producer Ethan Hayes ’23 marches to his own beat"

Ethan “Haze” Hayes ’23


“Not many people on campus knew we had a Grammy-nominated music producer among our student body until late in his senior year — and that’s exactly the way that Ethan “Haze” Hayes ’23 wanted it. Sitting down with Ethan and learning more about the two sides of his life — the laid-back, unassuming regular college student and the up-and-coming star who’s made beats for Nas, Bad Bunny, Future, and Lil Baby — was an opportunity to learn how extraordinary college students can be, and what we take for granted.” -Stephen Kostrzewa


"Can mental toughness improve your physical strength?"

Mental Toughness

"I’ve always had a great admiration for those who give it their all on the field or court yet find the strength to dig deeper and give more. Talking with Counselor David Lockwood and Psychology Professor Ronald Deulga about how people can enhance their athletic performance through sports psychology was extremely enlightening and their suggestions for athletes can assist those of any level." -Emma Bartlett



"'Bet on yourself’: Bryant football meets UNLV with unity, determination, and grit"

 the Bryant Football team


“I had the privilege of embedding with the Bryant Football team for a whirlwind 36-hour trip to Las Vegas and came away with an immense respect and admiration for the players, coaches, and support staff. The bonds they’ve forged and the heart they show — both on the field and off — is something I don’t think I’ll soon forget, and I hope that comes through in the story.” -Stephen Kostrzewa



"Reporting for duty: Meet Archie, Bryant's community comfort dog"

"Although Archie has only been at Bryant for two years, he’s easily become a campus celebrity in that time. While I’ll never turn down the opportunity to report on a furry friend, Archie’s story is particularly special since he provides an invaluable service to the university community." -Emma Bartlett


"Move-In Day" thank you video

"We know it takes small village to raise a child, and then they go off to their next chapter. This past move-in day we chatted with a handful of students to hear who from their village moved them into their first year at Bryant and, boy, was it a tear jerker!" -Paige Zuber



"How do we stay safe online when our data is commoditized?"

"While I’ve written about why we like horror films and how to write scary stories, nothing has been quite as frightening as this article on how our personal data is bought and sold. With Economics Professor Ramesh Mohan providing helpful tips on how we can stay safe online, this piece really makes you reevaluate the amount of data you knowingly, and unknowingly, share." -Emma Bartlett


"'Have the courage to be different’: Joey Leszczynski ’23 leads with authenticity"


“Joey hit the Bryant community like an atomic bomb, and quickly made a mark uniquely his own across a wide range of areas, from academics to student life to fashion. His story, about being true to yourself, and having the drive to achieve your dreams, is a patently Bryant one, I think." -Stephen Kostrzewa


"From team haircuts to record wins, Bryant’s men’s soccer fosters camaraderie on, off field"

"Bryant’s men’s soccer team added its own unique twist to community bonding through haircuts. Spending time by the campus pond chatting with players and Head Soccer Coach Ruben Resendes, it was clear that camaraderie and spirit have played a central role in their success." -Emma Bartlett


"'It was the best feeling’: Bryant Sales Team helps homeless dogs fetch new owners"


“Good students + good dogs + a good cause = a good story — or at least one that’s easy, and fun, to tell. Sharing the tale of the Bryant Sales Team and their work shining a spotlight on some pups in need was a great way to end the year (and many thanks to my editor for humoring me by okaying more dog puns than should be allowable by law).” -Stephen Kostrzewa

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