Thank you and farewell from the Machtleys
Jun 30, 2020, by Staff Writer

To the Bryant Community:

This is our last day as the President and First Lady of Bryant University.  Tomorrow, July 1, 2020, a very intelligent, experienced, and capable academic leader, Dr. Ross Gittell, will assume the presidency.  Kati and I join in wishing Ross and his wife, Jody, a great success during their tenure at this institution that we love. 

Kati and I understand very well that our educations literally changed our lives and gave us wonderful opportunities that we would otherwise never have experienced.  From a career in the US Navy, practicing law, and six years as a US Congressman, I enjoyed a variety of wonderful professional experiences before Bryant. And Kati as a Nursing faculty member at three different universities, saw firsthand the effect of transformational education for her students.  But it was here at Bryant University that we found our love and passion during the past twenty-four years as countless students were transformed because of their Bryant educational experiences. We are so very grateful to have been part of their lives at Bryant, living and working with so many wonderful and dedicated faculty, staff and students. 

When we arrived at Bryant, we had no idea how many years we would be honored to be associated with this wonderful community.  We never imagined that it would be twenty-four years.  Yet, like many of you, we found a place that had a noble mission and fit with our values.  And, when you love your job and are inspired by its purpose, that is the perfect reason to continue on.

Our goal every day has been to help make Bryant a better institution, one in which we can all take justifiable pride in our academic accomplishments and the quality of the community in which we work and study. As we walked down Alumni Walk today - for one last look at the campus as its President and First Lady - the beauty of this place we have all called home allowed us a reflective moment and a deep sense of satisfaction.  This truly is a great place to work and live.

The work is certainly not finished though, especially at this moment with COVID-19 still looming.  Under Dr. Ross Gittell’s leadership, I know you will continue to work with him to move forward toward even greater Academic Excellence, and making Bryant an even more inclusive and welcoming community.  Bryant has a very strong financial and educational foundation to face the challenges that lay ahead, an extremely capable and dedicated board of trustees, senior leadership, faculty, and staff to take you to even higher levels of achievement and recognition.

So, students both past and present - including the entering Class of 2024 - you have been an inspiration and the reason that we made such a long commitment.  Faculty and staff, you have blessed us with your collegiality and dedication to the important task of educating and caring for the next generation of leaders.  We will truly miss you all as well as this beautiful and meticulously maintained campus. 

And, although we will certainly shed a tear when we leave, as your departing President and First Lady, we will always be proud Bulldogs.  We sincerely hope you will welcome us back periodically and regale us with stories of the past and of the new achievements under the new president, Dr. Ross Gittell and his wife, Dr. Jody Hoffer Gittell.

Good-bye!  It has been just wonderful and an incredible experience to the very end.  God Bless you all!  Stay safe and well.

Best wishes,

Ron and Kati Machtley


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